The Boudoir Circus


It is a collaboration between The Circus Fix & Scandaleuse Photography. The goal is to provide high end photographs of you, posing gracefully on an aerial apparatus with a boudoir twist. Open to women & men of all levels!


We are opening Studio Flux’s doors for 4 participants for 3 hours. The cost is $150/person, payable by e-transfers.

The day of, arrive with certain poses already in mind, as there will only be several minutes alotted for a warm up. Make sure your costumes are picked-out. You and the other participants will take turns to pose on the silks while we take your portrait.

Refer to the FAQ below for additional info!


Step 1: Fill out the form on this page at Scandaleuse Photography. You will receive payment information by email in order to reserve your spot
Step 2: Open your secret drawer full of things you keep for special occasions, take the beautiful lingerie you have there and keep it handy (or go shopping, whatever works best!)
Step 3: Bring your sexy self to the studio and show us what you’ve got!
Step 4: Receive 4 edited pictures via a private online gallery within 2 weeks after the shoot.
Step 5: Share with your friends and enjoy your bragging rights!


Will I have to pose in front of everyone?
Not if you don’t want to. Studio Flux is making the upstairs studio available for participants to warm up, wait their turn and brainstorm poses.

Will my photos be shared online?
While we are proud of our work, we understand that you might want privacy and that’s totally fine by us. We will have a release handy in case we can share your beautiful self.

I don’t have a lot of aerial silks experience. I feel my poses are limited and I can’t climb high.
No problem! The poses can be shot off the ground and we actually cannot shoot when you’re too high. The simple poses work perfectly. The less wraps, the better!

How many outfits should I bring?
We suggest at least 4 different ones since your final product includes 4 photos. But the more the merrier!

What kind of outfits can I bring?
Bras, panties, stockings, unitards, bodysuits, transparent shirts, booty shorts, tights. You can go crazy! We always suggest that you bring more than you will use and we are happy to help you decide. Avoid loose shirts or pants that can get caught in the silks or will hide the shapes you are creating.